Sponsorship is a powerful ways to reinforce your corporate image, allowing you to promote your company’s name, products and services to a wider, targeted audience.

Highly visible and cost-effective, sponsorship of a leading arts event such as the ÉIGSE CARLOW ARTS FESTIVAL gives you offers you the opportunity to become quickly and effectively associated with an exciting creative event and a loyal audience base,
fostering goodwill with clients and employees and strengthening your involvement with the cultural life of your community.

In 2006 we are seeking to work with six key partners who will contribute €6,000 each to be title sponsors of the festival’s six programme strands. The ÉIGSE 06 SIX @ SIX will enjoy the most significant accreditation and association and will become synonymous with the presentation of the festival in 2006.

The profile of ÉIGSE CARLOW ARTS FESTIVAL has steadily grown to the point where its name is now synonymous with the best in Irish festivals. We enjoy very strong audience awareness and our international reputation is second to none.

We’d love to talk to you about becoming one of our EIGSE 06 ‘BIG SIX’. Contact Annette Nugent at the Eigse Festival Office and we can tailor a sponsorship package to cater for your needs, interests and budget.

Éigse Carlow Arts Festival Ltd, Foresters Hall, College Street, Carlow.
telephone: 059 9140491 / fax: 059 9130065 / email: eigse3@eircom.net